Lesson 4: Madd Al-Muttasil مد المتصل

  • Madd Al-Muttasil is defined as the ‘Connected’ Madd. This happens when hamza comes after one of Madd letters in the same word. In such a case, the reciter is required to elongate Madd up to 4 alif amount).
  • The application of Madd Al-Muttasil is Waajib, so we call it Madd Al-Waajib.
  • Hamza can be written in two different shapes with harakah ( ُاَ  اِ  ا ) or without harakah ( ء ). For those who are not familiar with the Arabic language, it may be difficult to identify words as ‘connected’ or ‘separated’. In an attempt to help readers, there are Qurans specifically printed in a way that makes it easier to spot Madd Al-Muttasil and Madd Al-Munfasil. These are worth looking into for their practicality.
  • If the hamza that comes after a letter madd appears in this form  (ء), then it is Madd Al-Muttasil (Mad letters and Hamza joint in a single word), whereas if it appears as ( ُاَ اِ ا ) it is Maddi Munfasil (Mad letters and Hamza separated in two different words).
  • In these Madd Al-Muttasil examples below, please pay attention to red-colored letters that make prolonging in these words from Qur’an. Also, I recited some of them with the melody to beautify so that you would try imitating my voice 😊.
  • Let’s start practicing 😊: