Lesson 3: Al-Madd al-Tabee’ee (Natural Mad) المــد الطبيعى

  • If hamza or sukoon does not appear after a madd letter, due to its “nature”, the madd letter is prolonged only one count of an alif. This is referred to as Madd al-Asli (المَدُّ الأَصْلِيُّ) (The Natural, or The Original Madd). Another name for it is Madd al-Tabee’ee.
  • In the examples below, we see that three madd letters are followed by each other, resulting in Madd al-Tabee’ee.
  • The application of Madd al-Tabee’ee is Waajib, so we call it Madd al-Waajib.
  • Please pay attention to red-colored letters that make elongation in these examples.
  • Let’s start practicing 😊: