Tanween (ـًـٍـُـ)

  • Tanween means doubling of the short vowel signs into Fathatayn (Two Fathas), Dammatayn (Two Dammas), and Kasratayn (Two Kasras).
  • Tanween is like a nun with jazm at the end of a word but is written differenly. 
  • Tanween is made by adding a ‘n’ sound to the short vowels.
  • In Fathatayn, non-emphatic letters are recited (EN) and emphatic letters are recited (AN). (i.e. بً bann)
  • In Kasratayn, the sound is (İN) (i.e. تٍ tin)
  • In Dammatayn, the sound is (UN) (i.e. سٌ sunn)
  • You can study my last lesson to learn how to stop on a word with tanween.
  • Now let’s practice the words below. Try to guess and simply click on the word to check if you did correctly.
  • I intentionally pronounce them with melody so that you may like to imitate to beautify your recitation with maqam (melody)

Let’s start 😊: